Welcome to Main Street Yoga

Main Street Yoga, located in OTR, in Downtown Cincinnati, is a urban/gallery studio where you can start as a beginner or an intermediate student, to develop your hatha yoga practice by connecting the mind & body through the breath. Breathwork is the core of all hatha yoga and is taught in all our classes to quiet the mind and to go deeper within to connect with the body. We offer workshops and retreats to learn about herbal cleansing, pranayama breathwork and ayurvedic healing. Yoga for Scoliosis is a special part of our program. This deals with all alignment & back issues and helps to eliminate pain.

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Exposed Art Show                                        April 11th-June 6th

Art Show AnnouncementAn exhibition employing found objects, materials formed, and images re-imaged. Four artists with four unique interpretations of nature transformed.


Sunday Yoga Brunch                                         May thru October


Join us first Sunday of Every Month for Yoga Brunch.


Tripletta Art Show                                        August 2nd-September 26th

Art Show AnnouncementTripletta is a show comprised of miniature works of art by a variety of artists, predominately from the Midwest.