Suzie Nagie Flyer

Suzie teaches an Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa Flow class. The class emphasizes a rhythm or "flow" in the sequence of postures in harmony with the breath to allow the practitioner to access a state of meditation in motion. Each class is structured in a wise progression of asanas (poses) that start with invigorating dynamic movement to warm the body with integrity and release initial muscular tension and stiffness. The pace will then slow down, moving into standing and balancing asanas that build strength and increase bone density.After that, you will make your way to the floor, gaining flexibility in a seated sequence, stimulating and activating the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems in inversions, and finishing by finding stillness in seated meditation and rest in savasana.

Suzie encourages students to listen to their bodies, honor their emotions, and let the mindfulness they experience on their mats radiate into their daily lives as they interact with the world beyond the walls of the studio.

Women's Winter Retreat December 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Hope Springs Institute Retreat

This early December retreat is designed for you to choose what you want and what you need, to restore your healthiest self, for the long winter ahead.

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Sunday Yoga Brunch

May thru October Connect with nature by joining us for yoga in our beautiful woodland garden, followed by a delicious seasonal brunch. Read more...

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Private Classes

Specialized classes for those who's doctors have suggested they do yoga to regain flexibility, balance or recovery from an injury. Read more...