Show Statement

Ben Clark, ceramist, and Steve Shanesy, woodworker, both allow the naturally occurring marks in clay and knots, voids and cracks in wood, to take center stage in their work. In their studios, they each make objects that often share common forms, regardless of the medium. Their sincere hope is to connect you to the story behind each object they make.

Clay is formed and transported over thousands of years and is shaped or changed by every material it passes. Each mark on a piece of wood tells something about its life as a living entity. As we shape these materials into vessels, gathering places, and sculptures, we try to create a visual history of how these works were created. We see the power in surrounding ourselves with meaningful, handcrafted objects.

Most of us spend our days looking forward to an event in the distant future. Living in the moment often seems out of reach. Functional and sculptural objects made of wood, clay, or a combination of the two, have the amazing ability to make us slow down a little and connect with the present, with nature. Each time we use a handmade mug or turned bowl, we are more connected to our environment and our being. We truly hope you feel that connection from the pieces in this show. Through these works of wood and clay, we hope to have a long, thought provoking conversation with you, our guests.

Opening: Friday, October 24th 6-9 p.m. Show dates: October 24th - December 14th

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Jeannine Dostal Art Closing Reception, Friday Feb 27th.

Winter Solstice

Come See These Beautiful Mixed Media Artworks That Embellish The Winter Blues, Crystals Of The Light, And Connecting To Nature.


Nurturing the Self, a Guided Workshop By Alan Hundley

Winter Solstice

Sunday, March 1st 2:00 - 4:30 pm This two and a half hour workshop includes: Exploring the 6 Healing Sounds of Qigong, Restorative Yoga with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Healing Touch• Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation.