Yoga for Scoliosis

Yoga For Scoliosis

Taught by Nancy Willman

By combining yoga postures with breathing awareness & hands-on techniques, one can develop a more symmetrical, structural alignment. This is accomplished by stretching muscles that have tightened and strengthening muscles that have become weak from this asymmetrical imbalance. Therefore, the body will create a more effortless posture using the bone structure, rather than over working the muscles to hold itself up. Through yoga, one can find that balance point that allows the scoliosis curve to coexist with gravity and activates the body's natural plumb line. The result for most people with scoliosis is better posture and less pain. Choosing to do yoga for scoliosis requires commitment and inner awareness.

The approach to yoga for scoliosis & back issues:

  • breathe. In yoga it is important to focus on breathing through your nose and to learn how to breathe into the area of discomfort or side of the lungs and ribs where the breath does not flow easily. Learning pranayama
    Breathing helps you to concentrate and also slows down the nervous system.
  • for those who wish to decrease the lateral curve. First, it is important to elongate or lengthen the spine to bring it back to center. Then it is important to strengthen the legs, abdominal muscles, and muscles that run along the spine to prevent the lateral curve from increasing.
  • for those who wish to decrease the posterior rotation. In all poses especially twists, it is possible to de-rotate the rotation of the scoliosis and thereby gain more alignment and balance.

Nancy is well suited for this style of yoga because of her own scoliosis. Her knowledge of the spine and sacrum and her hands-on technique benefits each student individually. She enjoys witnessing others' passion for yoga and she loves to hear about the effects that it has had on their lives. Join her for an calming, enlightening experience!

5 Week Session – Limited To Five Students
Registration required  –  Call  513-703-4175

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